Students are selected for participation in the Senior Salute Program first by being in the top 15% of the graduating class, based upon cumulative Grade Point Averages supplied by the ECHS Counseling Office.


After this group of students is identified, they will be called to the Library for a meeting and be informed of the Senior Salute Program and given Applications.  These Applications are completed by the students and returned to the Rotary Club for further consideration.  Applications MUST be submitted by the deadline noted on the Application, or they will not be considered.


A group of community leaders selected by the Rotary Club of Grayson will read and rank the Applications submitted.  The decisions of this group are final.


Students accepted into the Senior Salute Program are then notified.  Students will make an appointment with the photographer selected by the Rotary Club.  The photographer will produce a professional-quality layout for each of the students selected.


These photographic layouts will then be displayed on large panels in several of our local businesses.  In past years these businesses have been:  Commercial Bank, First National Bank, McDonalds, and Melini’s.  The displays are rotated regularly so that each student’s portrait will be displayed in each of the business locations.


At the end of the Senior Salute display period each student will have the option of purchasing their portrait layout.


Near the end of school, usually on a Sunday afternoon in the ECHS Cafeteria, the Rotary Club will host a reception for the Senior Salutees, their parents and family, and other interested community members.  Salutees will have the opportunity at this gathering to comment on their years in Carter County schools and recognize significant persons in their lives.


Senior Salute Program

Eastern Kentucky

District 6740

03 October, 2019

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