What is The Manier-Peak  Scholarship?

It is a scholarship fund sponsored by Rotarians in District 6740, to provide emergency funding ranging from a few hundred dollars to a maximum of $1,000 to any foreign student attending an accredited college or university within the district, which encompasses most of Eastern Kentucky.


How is Manier-Peak Funded?

One  Dollar of each Rotarian’s annual district dues goes to help finance the fund.  Well over $40,000 has been distributed to needy students since the fund was  established.


Students who find themselves in need of emergency financial assistance to get them through the school year may apply for the grant through any Rotary Club in the district.


What are typical needs?

Grants have been given for a number of reasons.


A student from Kenya received a grant after terrorists attacked the U.S. Embassy, destroying the bank across the street where the student’s father worked. Fortunately, he was out of the bank when the explosion occurred, but he had no means of supporting his daughter’s education at the University of Kentucky.


A student from the Ukraine attending KY. Christian College received a Manier-Peak grant when the devaluation of currency in that country made funding of the balance of the year impossible.


The death of the provider in the home of an Indonesian student justified a grant which permitted continued education of the student.


How is an application made?

Applications should be channeled  through the local Rotary Club president who may obtain the application and recommend a Manier-Peak grant to the Trustees.  In many clubs, presidents assign the promotion and processing of the Manier-Peak application to the Chair of the Club Scholarship committee.


An application form for the  Manier-Peak Grant is attached for your convenience. Additional application forms  are available from :


PDG George Wilson,

802 Overbrook Circle,

Lexington,  KY 40502.



The two page form may be copied  and distributed to the applicants or college financial aid officers as needed.  Two letters of endorsement by professors or counselors from the school must accompany the completed application along with a recommendation by the Local Rotary Club.


Follow the link below for the application and additional information.

Manier-Peak Scholarship Application

Manier-Peak Scholarship Application


Manier-Peak Scholarship

Eastern Kentucky

District 6740

03 October, 2019

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